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Mills management system

Its an integrated electronic system to manage and operate the mills electronically to ensure the accuracy and speed of operations inside the mill and to save and share the information and create reports and statistics during a specific or instantaneous period , Which helps in taking decisions based on real and scientific numbers .

System specifications :

1- It works-compatible-on all devices ( Computers – mobiles – tabs – phones ).

2- Easy interfaces to use and doesn’t need any experience.

3- Manage operations smoothly and accurately to ensure the speed and accuracy of work.

4- A system of an authority that facilitate managing the operations for each side and show its own information only.

5- a possibility of including the system from the current systems or any other system.

6- One window to monitor the work inside the station or for all connected stations .

7- Archiving all operations inside the station where any work can be retrieved and displayed.

8- Controlling the movements inside the stations.